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When Gracie finally saw her loving husband with balls for a beard, she knew it was the greatest day of her life. The way Billy gagged on the strange man’s rod made her sweet little pussy quiver with excitement, and Billy’s protestations only served to make Gracie shove the cock further down his throat. No, today was going to be Gracie’s day no matter what Billy wanted. She was going to have her cock and eat it, too; luckily her friend had brought enough for everybody!

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Gracie Glam Sucks A Dick In A Public Bathroom!


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Gracie Glam has to go so bad she ducks in to a public bathroom!

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Gracie Glam can’t believe that a huge dick popped right through the wall!

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Gracie Glam wraps her lips around that mystery cock!

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Gracie Glam slides her panties down over that cock as she keeps sucking!

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Gracie Glam can’t keep her fingers off that dripping pussy as she sucks!

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Gracie Glam gets a nice surprise as she gets a mouth full of cum!

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Gracie Glam has always been a horny babe and when she walked in to this public bathroom and caught sight of the biggest cock ever she couldn’t believe her luck! Just watch as she wraps her lips around that monster cock!

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